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Charleston, South Carolina: Palm trees, peacocks, and pirates, oh my!

Rainbow Row magnetCharleston, South Carolina has been named the top city in America by Conde Nast for four years in a row, but my mother wants you to know she wanted to visit the city years before any of that happened. I'd like you to know that those ratings actually make a difference to the popularity of... [Read More]

Wilmington, NC: Deleted Scenes

Mrytle BeachA few days after I wrote the entry about my trip to Wilmington, North Carolina I realized I'd left out two interesting(-to-me-anyway) bits in the rush to get the entry up in time to stick to my one post a week commitment. Those vacation posts take a long time to write because of all the... [Read More]

Wilmington, North Carolina: The sequel!

MegalodonWhen my mom visited me last month we decided to visit Wilmington, North Carolina like we did last year and see some things we'd left unseen. First up... North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher is at the end of a long road that is not on the way... [Read More]