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San Fran-tastic: Day 3

Own makes his bedOn my third day in San Francisco I rolled out of bed a little before 11am. (See previous night's drunken photo pic for explanation as why.) This is particularly sad because my body was on Eastern Time, meaning it was 2pm my time. I drank a lot of water before going to bed, so thankfully... [Read More]

San Fran-tastic: Day 2 – Lucasfilm, Twitter and do you really need anything else? (Yes: two margaritas.)

Pier 39Does anyone else think of the opening to Full House when they see these houses? Just me? I don't remember the last time I hopped. I have bad knees, and hopping subjects them to two or three times the force of my body weight, so I am pretty much anti-hopping these days. Despite that, Friday... [Read More]

San Fran-tastic: Day 1 – Chinatown, Telegraph Hill, and lots and lots of walking

Drunk off my ass, but really happy!I occupied San Francisco last the traditional sense of occupying space, much like I am occupying Chapel Hill right now (and not in a tent in front of the post office). I took a birthday vacation to visit some friends and take advantage of their sofas. Visiting cities where your friends live cuts costs... [Read More]