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The New York Diaries – Part 5: Broadway, Becco, Times Square at night, and why I travel

Becco bread basketOh, right, I did stuff last weekend too Before I regale you with tales of what I did during my second weekend in New York, let me flash back to the previous weekend which I forgot to blog about. Whoops! I did brunch at Good Enough to Eat, a cute little place which features a... [Read More]

The New York Diaries – Part 4: Lower East Side, Tenement Museum, Greenwich Village, and the Museum of Natural History

Bite me. Wait, actually, don't bit me, please.I was a big fan of the musical RENT in high school, so the best part of visiting the Lower East Side on Thursday morning was accidentally stumbling upon Avenue B and realizing, "Oh my God! This is where RENT happens! Is the Cat Scratch Club around here too?" I did not find the Cat... [Read More]

The New York Diaries – Part 3: High Line, Chelsea Market, and desserts courtesy of the chef

Courtesy of the chefHigh Line Tuesday morning I had to roll out of bed fairly early because the maid was coming. It must be nice to have a maid, but it's not that nice to wake up early on vacation. Actually, it wasn't that early, but my sleeping schedule was rather effed up that month, partly because of... [Read More]

The New York Diaries – Part 2: The Brooklyn Bridge is held together with duct tape

9/11 LogoHey, remember when I visited New York last February? No? I barely do either! But I'm finally blogging about it based on all the notes I took. Pen and paper are my second hippocampus. The Brooklyn Bridge is held together with duct tape. I kid you not. Duct tape. Kentucky chrome. Holding the Brooklyn Bridge... [Read More]

The New York Diaries – Part 1: Taking New York living for a test drive (though I would never drive in the city)

New YorkGetting there is half the challenge No matter how many times I fly, I always lean toward the window to scope out the city as we land. I'm surprised everyone on the plane doesn't do this. (Where is your sense of childlike wonder, people? You can't buy it in Sky Mall.) Despite my superhuman LASIK... [Read More]