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I am not the Jennette you are looking for

He likes me!It started with this tweet: It's not impossible that a stranger would tweet that they like me. Hell, a stranger once tweeted that they hated me. But my blog and book audience skews female, and it seemed unlikely that someone who appears to be a young, average-weight, male was a die-hard fan of Half-Assed. Upon... [Read More]

The only thing better than a Chinese version of your book is an illustrated Chinese version of your book

Please don't eat the cover!Whenever I receive a package I'm not expecting I assume it's a bomb. Or anthrax. Or a pig's heart. (You won't think I'm so silly when I'm killed one day by an anthrax bomb hidden in a pig's heart!) So when I opened the package that had been left under my welcome mat I was... [Read More]