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Confessions of a swag hag

An actual swag bagConferences beget swag. What is swag? Swag is typically anything given to you for free by a company in hopes of engendering goodwill and encouraging future sales of that company's product. Swag is usually branded with the company's name. When you go to conferences, particularly blogging conferences, it's common for you to collect so much... [Read More]

A weekend of superlatives

I paid for this view. My credit card statement proves it.I drove up and down the east coast of this fine continent last weekend to attend the FitBloggin' conference in Baltimore. It was a weekend for superlative moments, that's for sure, which is why I made a list of them. The most it's-a-small-world-moment This conversation with Skinny Emmie: JenFul: Where are you from? Skinny Emmie:... [Read More]