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I always knew this parking lot was ripe for a car accident. I’m just glad it wasn’t me.

Not my car! Yay!A few minutes ago I was walking out of Ace Hardware carrying a replacement air filter for the one I hadn't changed in, um, over a year. (I like my air dusty!) That's when I saw the green van creeping down the aisle of the parking lot and the white car slooooooowly backing toward the... [Read More]

A weekend of superlatives

I paid for this view. My credit card statement proves it.I drove up and down the east coast of this fine continent last weekend to attend the FitBloggin' conference in Baltimore. It was a weekend for superlative moments, that's for sure, which is why I made a list of them. The most it's-a-small-world-moment This conversation with Skinny Emmie: JenFul: Where are you from? Skinny Emmie:... [Read More]