For Advertisers

I currently do not offer advertising on my blog, but I might revise that policy in the future. You are free to contact me with a proposal if you wish.

I am open to doing product reviews if I particularly like a product. Again, you are free to contact me with a proposal if you wish.

For Readers – Updated May 2011

I currently do not place ads on my site. If I revise this policy in the future, any advertisements will be clearly marked.

If I review a product, I will disclose if I have accepted a complimentary sample of the product from an advertiser or if I have been compensated to review the product. I believe transparency is essential to earn and keep my readers’ trust and respect.

Affiliate links (such as to Amazon products) do not imply a positive endorsement or review of the product unless explicitly stated. If I mention a product in an entry that is available for sale on, I typically link to it, but I never mention a product in an entry solely to include an Amazon link.

Official Review Policy – Updated October 2010

  1. I will only review products which I might consider purchasing or that I believe my readers would find valuable.
  2. I will at maximum do two reviews a month, but am not obligated to do any in that timeframe.
  3. I will disclose any payments or exchanges that occurred, including whether I received the product for free. I will also disclose any other partnerships with a company whose product I am reviewing, such as past sponsorships or past exchanges.
  4. I will give my honest and complete opinion. I will not leave out negative comments I have about a product.
  5. Receipt of a product does not guarantee that I will review it, though I will make my best effort to do so.
  6. If you sent me a product to review, I will send you a link to the review post when it goes live on the site.