Half-Assed: A Weight-loss Memoir

Half-AssedThink the last 20 pounds are the hardest? Try the last 200.

At age 24 and 372 pounds, Jennette Fulda thought maybe the best way to lose weight was to have her gallbladder removed. Then she decided to work her ass off—literally. In her journey from full-figured to half-assed, she stops only to knock her cat off the treadmill.

Follow Jennette as she loses over half her weight without losing her sense of humor in this light-hearted and inspirational tale. Sometimes the best way to lose weight is to laugh your ass off.


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Before and After

  • Jennette Fulda - Before
  • Jennette Fulda - Before
  • Jennette Fulda - After
  • Jennette Fulda - After

What People are Saying

“A winsome, charming memoir of personal discovery.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Touching, funny and sincere.” – Shape Magazine

“A wry and refreshingly level-headed account of a truly awesome endeavor.” – Wendy McClure, author of I’m Not the New Me and The Wilder Life

“Read it and be inspired!” – Jen Lancaster, author of Such a Pretty Fat

“Fulda’s biting humor and no-holds-barred honesty keep you turning pages.” – Women’s Health


After the publication of the book, I offered some exclusive extras to people who could prove they’d purchased a copy. Enough time has passed now that I’m making them available to everyone, though I certainly wouldn’t mind if you still bought a copy of the book.

Commentary Track

Read extra insight and observations about the making of Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir in the commentary track, a 16-page pamphlet with photos. Download the commentary track in PDF format here.

Word list

During the proofreading process, my copy editor made a list of all the special words I used that are not included in traditional dictionaries. The list mostly includes brand names and places. It’s an interesting fingerprint of my writing style, and it’s fun to read all the weird words I used in the book in a big list. Download the word list here in PDF format. (Beware! It may make you hungry.)