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I’d meant to write a few more posts before publishing another playlist, but I didn’t and August has already arrived, so here we go again! These are the songs I was enjoying in July 2013. You can listen to them in the Spotify player below if you have Spotify installed. If not, the playlist is listed in text below that. You can follow me on Spotify here and catch the June 2013 playlist here in case you missed it.


The 1975 – Chocolate
Of course I’m going to like a song called “Chocolate,” right? This is a UK band who’ve released several EPs but their first album doesn’t come out until September.

Elizaveta – Orion
Spotify recommended this artist to me, doing their algorithms proud. I’d never heard of this Russian/American musician before, but I loved her whole album.

Bastille – Pompeii
Bastille’s album debuted at #1 on the UK charts, but I don’t think it’s been released in the US yet, which is why only a few EPs are available on the American version of Spotify for now. Love this single!

Travis – Where You Stand
Travis is a band that is (was?) evidently big in Britain, but I doubt most people in the US have heard of them. That’s too bad because I love a lot of their songs. This is a single from their first new album in five years which comes out later in August.

Franz Ferdinand – Right Action
Franz Ferdinand is back! They’re releasing an album later this month too. I feel sort of stupid admitting this, it was a long time before I discovered they were named after the archduke who’s assassination launched World War I. Oh, American education system, how you’ve let me down once again.

Lorde – Royals
Lorde is literally half my age. Dear Lord! A lot of the musicians I’ve been discovering lately are younger than me, which still seems strange. I’m used to popular musicians being older than me.

Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time
This is the theme song to the Netflix series Orange is the New Black which is just as good as everyone says it is. The show, I mean. The song is good too.

(I just noticed all the tracks I highlighted are either by British or Russian-American artists. Strange, but I didn’t do it on purpose.)


The 1975 – Chocolate – US Version
Elizaveta – Orion
Bastille – Pompeii
Travis – Where You Stand
Franz Ferdinand – Right Action
Avicii – Wake Me Up
Miranda Lee Richards – The Reach
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Despair
The Trophy Fire – Spinning
Lorde – Royals
Griffin House – Better Than Love
Josh Garrels – Farther Along
Matt Nathanson – Mission Bells
Charlotte Sometimes – Better Than This
The Heavy – What Makes A Good Man?
Empire Of The Sun – Alive
Youngblood Hawke – We Come Running
Little Green Cars – The John Wayne
Michael Franti & Spearhead – I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)
Best Coast – The Only Place
Milo Greene – 1957
Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time
Ellie Goulding – Burn
Ellie Goulding – Your Song (Blackmill Remix)
The Civil Wars – The One That Got Away
Matchbox Twenty – Our Song
Cary Brothers – Lessons Learned (feat. Rachael Yamagata)

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  1. says

    OMG, Lorde’s whole EP is AMAZING – I’ve been listening to it non-stop! It’s crazy how talented she is and especially so young!

  2. says

    P.S. Did the read NPR’s write-up about the latest Civil Wars album? Really fascinating (& sad) what they’ve been through and how it’s affected the music.

  3. JenFul says

    @Mymsie – I did see that NPR piece and was sad/surprised to hear they’d disbanded. I suppose with a name like “The Civil Wars” we should have seen it coming though, right? :)

  4. says

    OMG OMG OMG I love Chocolate by the 1975’s. I really love all their tracks! My husband surprised me with a trip from Wisconsin to Philly to see them in October! and then we’re seeing them again when they come to Wisconsin. I saw they earlier this year when I won free tickets to see them and fell in love with their sound.

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