President’s Day, a close call, and an anniversary

It’s President’s Day and I know it.

I am rather proud of myself for knowing today is President’s Day before I try going to the post office and find myself locked out, which is how I usually learn about these pseudo-holidays. I can’t consider a day to be a true holiday unless there is seasonal candy or greeting cards associated with it, so I consider days like this and Columbus Day to be somewhat fake holidays. Maybe if they started selling chocolate George Washingtons in anticipation of President’s Day I’d consider it a real holiday.

The only real benefit of such holidays is that you get the day off work, but since I work for myself that means nothing to me other than I get to wait until Tuesday morning for the usually flurry of post-weekend emails to hit my inbox instead of Monday morning. Woot? If anything, I feel more pressure to work on a day like this because I can try to catch up on things while everyone else is off eating chocolate George Washingtons. I’m also less likely to be interrupted by work-related emails during the day, so I can focus better on what I’m doing.

If you too find yourself going to the post office when it’s closed, I must recommend the site Post Office Open? which tells you yes or no whether the post office is open today. Very handy!

A close call

In other news, Java Bean knocked a glass off a table last night! However, it did not break, so his record of 607 days without breaking a glass still stands. He’s lucky we moved to an apartment with wall-to-wall carpeting. If we still lived at my old place that had hardwood floors I would definitely be resetting that widget in the right sidebar.

Happy Anniversary!

And in other, other news, yesterday was the five-year anniversary of my headache. It was first mentioned in this post on PastaQueen in a passing manner and then more in-depth here if you want to relive the trauma.

People sometimes ask how the headache is, so I thought I’d let you know that it’s better now than ever. Most days I have a 1 out of 5 pain level which means the headache doesn’t prevent me from doing most of the things I want to do. Sometimes it bounces up to a 2 or 3, and very occasionally a 4. But most of the time I feel fairly ok. It still shapes my life though. I make sure to avoid stress and I try not to work myself too hard, so I’m not doing everything I would without the headache. However, I’m grateful to be at a place where I’m coping well with my chronic pain and not being ruled by it.

There is no need to tell me you’re sorry or any of that if you were going to. I’m doing pretty ok and I’m ok with that! And no, they never figured out what was causing it or what the hell is going on in my pretty little head, but I doubt anyone could ever figure that out.

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  1. says

    I’m so glad to hear your headache’s at a manageable level! Chronic pain sucks, I know that first hand, so I love to see other people get to points where they can live their lives well.

    Also, grats little Java Bean! Can’t say the same for my cat, though…

  2. Michelle says

    I too am very glad to hear that you’ve found a way to manage your pain and that you’re better than ever. Congratulations Java Bean. . .we’ve had a good run here too but that’s mostly because I’m being so relentlessly anal about not leaving glasses around.

  3. says

    But, but, if they had chocolate George Washingtons to sell, when would they put them out? The Valentine candy hits the shelves the day after Christmas, and the Easter candy was there before V-Day was done! THERE’S NO ROOM FOR GEORGE!

  4. says

    Glad to hear your headaches are a little better and not completely taking over your life. It sounds like you’re staying positive, which is the only thing I’ve found that helps (aside from Vicodin LOL). :)

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