Orange you glad you had Orange Cappuccino and/or Orange Café while it lasted?

A Tale of Two Coffees

If you’re a fan of the General Mills International Orange Cappuccino coffee mix which was renamed to the Maxwell House Orange Café coffee mix a few years ago, well I hope you stocked up when you were preparing for the zombie apocalypse. It appears that the coffee mix my mother so loves and was so devastated to lose three years ago and then so thrilled to discover in new packaging a few months later is finally going the way of Almost Home Cookies, Jell-O 3-2-1 and other beloved prepackaged food products of yore. As my mother recently reported, she cannot find it in Indianapolis!

I think it is gone for good this time. A week ago it was not to be found at the [closest] Target. This week I checked the other Target and even Kroger that charges a dollar more per can with no luck. – Mom. October 5, 2012

Yes, my mother loves this coffee so much she was willing to pay a dollar more for it. That is a big deal for a woman who has a billfold just for her coupons.

Another reader named Diane loves this coffee so much that she was able to leave a comment on my old PastaQueen entry about it even though the comment forms were removed from PastaQueen over a year ago. I still do not know how she was able to do that, as she claims to be a 58-year-old woman with no hacking skillz. If only Diane could channel her ability to make the impossible possible and make a few crates of this coffee mix materialize in my mom’s cupboard, then the world would be a better place.

ETA: The commenting mystery has been solved thanks to Erin, who let me know she could comment on her mobile device. The mobile template still had the comment form active.

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  1. Diane says

    Your Mom and I could be friends as we are both addicted to this stuff. I never leave home without it and anyone who knows ME knows my familiar can of OC. Laura, at Kraft Foods assured me today there is no notice of discontinuing the product but methinks she tells fibs. Both Target and Walmart confirmed they are not carrying it anymore. I ordered 67 cans from this morning…..all they claimed to have… and Albertsons has a few on the shelves. I am a minimalist at heart, but will hoard this stuff. I feel like I took the Orange Cafe Comeback for granted when what I really should have done was emptied my savings on enough cans to last me 20 years while I could still get them. I’ve squandered the opportunity. Now I just need enough cans to hold me til I find a suitable replacement!! Send your Mom to California and I will share my stash.

  2. says

    I hate when this happens. I like these Pepperidge Farm cracker crisps. But the PLAIN variety (which is the only one I like) are now only available at Walmart and I fear will soon be gone forever. Hard to stockpile something that will perish in a few months. At least the coffee should stay good for a very long time. Also frustrated with the lack of Del Monte pickled beets around here. The space on the cupboard at all the stores I buy them is BARE. Weird. It’s not like they’re discontinued, cause the space and labelling is still there. I checked on-line to see if there had been a recall and found nothing. Hope your mom can find some of her coffee!

  3. JenFul says

    Somebody sent my mom a 12-pack of Orange Cafe today, which makes me look bad because it wasn’t me. She called me up thinking I’d done it! It wasn’t any of you, right? You don’t even have her address.

  4. Liz Remus says

    Hey! I just noticed at Target thy are selling this again!!!! I got super excited for your mom! Hopefully it’s available at her Target too!

  5. Tim says

    Alas, yes, I loved this cappuccino, for a while, I paid $4.50/ea online
    for it + shipping, well worth it; why must everything good disappear?
    I’ve now resorted to Taster’s Choice and adding orange extract
    to simulate the taste; close, but no cigar…

  6. Sue says

    I called Kraft Foods and she said it had not been discontinued, but was seasonal. However, the grocery stores are telling me it has been discontinued. Now, what?

  7. JenFul says

    @Sue – I know my mom sometimes has luck by trying different stores in the area. You can usually find someone selling some on Amazon, though I don’t know how affordable the price is. If you find some, stock up!

  8. Jennifer says

    When I was a little girl I always wanted this coffee. I thought it sounded like the most fabulous and expensive coffee in the world. When I was old enough to go grocery shopping I finally got to buy it. I thought I had won the world. It’s such a silly memory. I need to look at the commercials again.

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