Mix it up: Just like a mix

Mix it up

I sometimes come up with weird themes for music mixes. There was the Same Title, Different Song mix and the Aging mix back when I blogged at PastaQueen.com. Here on JenFul I came up with the Callback mix and the Opposites mix.

My latest idea is the “Just Like…” mix which only includes songs with titles that start with the phrase “Just Like.” Granted, this mix was pretty easy to put together after I loaded all my MP3s in WinAmp and searched for the phrase “just like.”

The Cure – Just Like Heaven
James – Just Like Fred Astaire
Jesus and Mary Chain – Just Like Honey
Pink – Just Like a Pill
John Lennon – Just Like Starting Over
Bob Dylan – Just Like a Woman (YouTube only has a live version)
Happy Rhodes – Just Like Tivoli
Bell X1 – Just Like Mr.Benn
Brett Dennen – Just Like The Moon
Old 97’s – Just Like California

Feel free to suggest some more in the comments. And here’s a YouTube playlist of all the songs, because I’ve learned how to do that now!

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  1. Elaine says

    Here’s one, if you ignore the parentheses: (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet by the Reflections. I checked on iTunes, and there’s a version by Sha Na Na sans parentheses if you’re particular.

  2. Elaine says

    Thanks for posting more! I enjoy reading your blog along with my lunchtime Google Reader quality time :)

    Mixes=the best!

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