Creative license…plates and bumper stickers

Sitting at red lights can be rather boring, except when the driver in front of you has a clever bumper sticker or license plate. It’s sort of sad that I never get a chance to thank the owners of these vehicles for the small moments of entertainment they provide me. If I were to hop out of my car to thank them they’d probably think I was a carjacker or a panhandler, so I just stay in my car and secretly take photos instead. Here are two that I photographed recently.

AT-ATs are Awesome-Awesome.

Borg cube
At first, I thought this car was a Nissan Cube, which would have squared the Borg Cube humor. Upon closer inspection it’s actually a Honda Element, but it’s still rather cube-shaped.

Picking a favorite between these two would inevitably spark a Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate. The only true way to pick a winner would be in a drag race.

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  1. says

    My dad always played a game when we were kids on long trips, you have to make a word out of licence plates, keeping the letters in the correct order. (In Australia, plates are generally 3 letters then 3 numbers.) So if the letters were SMO, that could be smoke, or salmon, but not mouse.

    Then I moved to the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), and I can’t play it with my own children because all licence plates here start with Y, except government cars that start with Z. You run out of options pretty quickly.

  2. Gloria says

    I would just like to point out the bumpersticker on the BORGCUBE car for Knox College. That’s where I went to school and I was VERY excited to see it!

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