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The good folks at have posted a tasty little excerpt of my last book, CHOCOLATE & VICODIN, on their site. Read more here.

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  1. Jo-Ann says

    I’ve read both of your books, loved them both. You actually have shared two experiences of mine, or I with you. I’ve lost 84 lbs. with diet and walking, and I too suffer from a headache. It was constant for almost 10 years. Thanks to your book “Chocolate & Vicodin”, I suffer less. They had me on topamax to stop me from getting headaches. What a crock. It is the stupid drug. I thought it was me going through perimenopause and then menopause. Nobody could answer me when I said I had no retention span. Duh! Thank you from the bottom, top and middle of my heart. I’m off it now and feeling better. My headache has disapeared for days at a time. It’s much better than having it forever. I just tell myself when It does come up, “put yourself back in your box.” I works most of the time. I still resort to a migraine med. once in awhile, but I feel much better.
    I had no idea when I read your second book that I would gain something from it too. Thank you again so much. I’m hoping for a third book. (I hope you do not have to suffer through anything to write it.) You write beautifully and I enjoy “the ride” with you. Jo

  2. JenFul says

    @Jo-Ann – Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed my books and that they’ve helped you in some way. Here’s to better health!

  3. Tamee says

    Just started reading Chocolate & Vicodin I’m laughing through my pain. I’ve been off work for almost a year now with my headaches and some of the passages were like reliving what has and is happening to me. I described the same scene from Alien to my Doctor. I laughed so hard. I hope your headaches are better or getting better. Thank you for sharing your experience it makes me know I’m not alone.

  4. JenFul says

    @Tamee – Sorry to hear about your headache, but I’m glad to hear you enjoyed my book. My headache has been pretty good lately, staying in the low-barely-noticeable range mostly.

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