It’s Update Your Parents’ Browser Day!

Pick a browser, any browser

Did you know it’s Update Your Parents’ Browser Day? Now that you’re probably home for the holidays, take this opportunity to update your parents’ internet browsers. Do it for me, the web designer who’s lost days of her life creating stylesheets to correct the rampant display errors in Internet Explorer 6. Do it for your parents too, so they can watch the latest funny cat videos without buffering errors. Thanks! I appreciate it.

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  1. Dana says

    You were mentioning German cockroaches on Twitter. I had issues with them myself for a few years. While in Scary!Apartment from 2004-2008, I started out with a minor infestation; the last year I was there, a drug dealer moved in downstairs and the cockroach population exploded. I’m not sure which factor was the larger role in sending me running away screaming (i.e., not renewing the lease).

    I wound up inadvertently taking them with me when I moved to Awesome!Apartment. Those suckers will hide in corrugated cardboard so this is a lot easier than it sounds. Apparently they started “bugging” (ha ha) the neighbor in the apartment next door, because one day the exterminator showed up there and did his thang. Presto. No more bugs in my apartment either. I haven’t seen one since.

    I had gone looking around for stuff I could use to get rid of them but for various reasons I procrastinated. But if you google about German cockroaches you’ll find some helpful articles on the subject. Or just have your landlord call an exterminator. As long as your place looks cleanish when the landlord shows up, it shouldn’t be a huge deal. Those suckers hitch rides home on grocery bags (NO I AM NOT KIDDING I WISH I WERE EW EW EW), so it’s not like you have to be filthy to be dubiously blessed with them.

    Good luck… seriously. I can’t stand those little monsters. I hate palmetto bugs even more, but palmetto bugs are supposed to be outside and usually don’t take up residence in the house. They are much happier living in trees where they can drop down on unsuspecting human passersby after sunset. EW EW EW. I do not miss the South at all.

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