Cat in a box! Cat in a box!

Disneyland for cats would be a box factory.

In positive news, it’s been 97 days since Java Bean broke a glass! Yay, Java Bean! Those Glassbreakers Anonymous meetings must be working. I, however, have broken, um, two glasses in that time period. Bad, Jennette! Bad, bad, bad! I shattered each one while washing them in the sink. In both bouts of Plate vs. Glass the plate has been the winner. Good thing I’ve got a ton of Bad, Bath, and Beyond coupons for 20% off.

Lest I show favoritism, Office Krupke has killed six crickets this month. Six! Predators make the best pets.

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  1. Cheryl says

    I buy the glass tumblers at the dollar store. They work just as well as the ones at BB&B but cost a fraction, so I don’t feel guilty breaking them (and I do break them – no cat to blame it on).

  2. says

    Damn, Java Bean thought to himself. Once again, my human seems disinclined to appreciate my reenactment of Schrodinger’s thought experiment. Humans just don’t grasp the finer points of physics as it relates to feline performance art…

  3. Rebecca in SoCal says

    I have often thought that the ideal cat room would be furnished with cardboard boxes. We humans would move them around occasionally to make them different. They might allow us a chair, to provide them with an audience.

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