The Weight Loss Blog Title Generator

So, I was up far too late at FitBloggin’ last night (this morning?) with Shauna, and in a bit of madness I coded something in two hours. It was like how Facebook began in that movie The Social Network, only we won’t be getting rich and this project won’t tear our friendship apart (I hope).

Behold, the Weight-Loss Blog Title Generator!

(No, we weren’t drunk. Yes, I swear.)

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  1. says

    No, we weren’t drunk. Yes, I swear.
    Damn. Well, there goes my vision of Fitbloggin’ as an orgy of excess and a diet debacle. I am crushed.

  2. Osa Morena says

    Chronicles of a Burly Queen? I know some guys that would fit just fine! This is great, I could spend a whole afternoon with this!

  3. fd says

    Adventure of a Pudgy Princess! Love it! Almost enough to actually use it and start blogging rather than being lazy and reading them…

  4. says

    Two days later and it STILL slays me! Mwahahhahahahaaaaa!

    Thank you for being my roomie :) Sorry again for the accidental toothbrush theft!

  5. Rina says

    This is AWESOME!!! Hahaha!!! God, this is where I’m going next time I need to cheer up :) Hysterical! THANK YOU!!! :)

  6. Lisa Duncan says

    I am never going to be a blogger, but this is so hilarious that it makes me (almost) wish I would. To find my inner “Woman of Booty” Hah!

  7. Jennifer says

    Okay, I’m late to this game, but since I just named a weight-loss blog last night, this was timely. I’m rather fond of Princess of Booty, except that I’m hoping to lose that booty! Funny stuff!

  8. says

    I thought it was rather amusing, considering mine seems to evolved into a bit of an in joke with family who know my fondness for the Lord of the Rings (books and films) – Hobbit Shaped Elf.
    Here’s the one your nifty generator provided – Quest of a Lardy Girl. Seems fairly fitting with the Quest to dispose of the ‘Ring’ of Lard around my midsection. Could i consider the gym Mordor? I might if I ever went to the gym….Mordor is the lesser of two evils!

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